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Citroen DS E-Tense Is A Gorgeous Piece of Art!

Citroen seems to be aiming for a larger chunk of the premier car sector. It has already made the DS a standalone brand. After the successful end of the DS3 hatchback by the automaker in 2014, it did not do much apart from giving the DS3 some minor updates, as well as launching the DS4 and the DS5 models which did not pick up in the market. Now, Citroen seems to be back in the business with the E-Tense concept. The Citroen E-Tense Concept car is the car that showcases the Citroen and DS brand to the world.


The DS E-Tense Concept car will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show on March 1st. The E-Tense is designed to showcase the ultimate capabilities of the DS. It looks gorgeous, stunning and fast. The specs are impressive as well. The car features a 402bhp electric motor that generates 516Nm of torque. This gives the car enough juice to cross the standard 0-100kmph mark in about 4.5 seconds. This puts it on par with the BMW i8. The electric motor is powered by advanced lithium ion batteries which are housed under the car’s monocoque carbon fiber chassis. This helps keep the center of gravity low. The front and rear suspensions are double-wishbone package. While Citroen advertises the DS E-Tense as a ‘Grand Tourer’, the range of 193 miles (310km) reduces the ‘Grand Tourer’ appeal. The E-Tense gets a range of 224 miles (360km) in city driving.


If you want to take on the car from the point of aesthetics, it is simply gorgeous. There are beautiful details on the car that make it truly a work of art. The rear features the LED tail lights and the indicators that are integrated into the roof. There are movable LED daytime running lights which can rotate 180 degrees. The E-Tense does not get a rear window. Instead, it features digital rear view technology.


The interior of the car is extremely well done. According to Citroen, it took 800 hours to get the work done. The interior features a detachable BRM watch, tulip shaped steering wheel and a high quality Focal nine-speaker sound system. French designers Moynat have created a hand crafted helmet harness that doubles up as an expensive bag.

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The E-Tense has a design that is sharp, sexy and gorgeous. It can be a hit and miss element of the car though, but we thoroughly love the direction the DS is taking. The new era of French sports cars sound exciting. We only have to wait till Geneva so see what makes.

Check out our gallery for some amazing images of the DS E_Tense concept.

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