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Children Seated in the Rear Seat Vulnerable to Crashes

The Center for Auto Safety has issued an update which mentions that children seated in the rear seat to are vulnerable to certain car crash incidents. The update is based on half-century worth of studies. According to the organization, the safest place for children to sit is behind an unoccupied seat. The organization has called on federal regulators to adopt new measures to better protect children during crashes.

In a petition that has been filed on Wednesday, the organization has asked the government to relay the advisory to parents and caregivers.

Clarence Ditlow, executive director of CAS, wrote. “encourage parents to place their children in the rear seats of passenger cars without providing parents any recommendation on where in the rear seat the child should be placed,” “While the rear seat is the safest location for a child, it is safer still if the child is placed behind an unoccupied front seat or behind the lightest front-seat occupant.”

Studies and real-life evidence have shown that the seatbacks of front-seat occupants are prone to collapsing during rear impact crashes. At speeds of over 30mph, the seatbacks are capable of crushing children who occupy the rear seats. There has been nearly 900 instances between 1990 and 2014 in which children seated in the rear row have died from impact related crashes. While the direct co-relation is unknown, the Government’s fatality analysis reporting system does not provide enough information to track the problem.


Dozens of studies, reports of fatalities, internal automaker memorandums and federal documents have been cited in which concerns are detailed about possibilities of injuries or deaths associated with seatback collapse.

Ditlow states “Until cars on the American highway are equipped with adequately strong front seats and seatbacks, children in rear seats behind occupied front seats will continue to be in danger of death or severe injury from front seatback failures in rear-end impacts,”

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As early as 1967, the society of automotive engineers had issued a report in which poorly designed seats were mentioned as capable of becoming injury producing projectiles during a crash. In 1974, NHTSA proposed a new federal motor vehicle safety standard which specified crash parameters and crash performance for front seats.

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