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BMW 7-Series and Tesla Model S Auto Parking Feature

BMW and Tesla are always innovating useful and exciting technologies and implementing it into their vehicles. For 2016 they have both included auto-parking features in their respective luxury sedans. BMW’s 7-Series saloon is known for setting benchmarks in its segment. BMW once again raises the bar with the addition of the remote control parking. This feature was first launched as an option (limited edition) on the company’s i8 hybrid sports car. Now, the German automaker has made the technology available on the 7-Series.


The 7-Series gets a new Display Key, which operates as a smartphone for your car minus the phone itself. The key has a range of about 985 feet. It’s a unique way to using the car’s key FOB. It displays vital information about your car, gas mileage, locking and security information but most importantly the driver-less parking ability. The Remote Control Parking (RCP) feature allows you to park your car (or get it out of the garage) by the press of a button, because parking a car yourself is so 2015.


While the device and the technology does sound cool, it’s not really all that practical. The car has to be perfectly lined up to the parking spot and only after that you will be able to slide it into place using the key. RCP can only be engaged if the vehicle is positioned centrally in front of the parking space. The distance the vehicle is allowed to travel in driverless mode is limited to 1.5 times the length of the car. Sounds fantastic, right? But, it also seem a bit useless, unless of-course you are a parking valet who has to cram several exotic and luxury cars in a small parking area. It’s undeniably cool when you use it for the first few times, though and bragging rights are guaranteed!

Check out the video below which highlights the auto parking feature of the BMW 7-Series

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Continue reading for information Tesla Model S and its new Auto Summon Feature.

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