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Bentley Continental Speed GT Black Edition Launched

The Bentley Continental Speed GT Black Edition model has been launched by the British automaker. The latest Bentley Continental Speed GT Black Edition has an increased power output and that is just one of the many changes. The horsepower has been racked up from 626hp of the outgoing model to 633hp. It also leaves the previous, 621hp supersports model in its wake. It separates the flagship 12-cylinder version from the lighter, less potent V8 version.

Bentley Continental Speed GT Black Edition

Not just the horsepower, but the torque figures have been raised as well. There is an increase in 20 Nm of torque to up the number to a total of 839 Nm. With these figures, the Bentley Continental Speed GT Black Edition will hit the 100 kmph mark in 3.9 seconds, a full 0.1 seconds faster than the previous version. The top speed is likely to remain the same, at 331 kmph (206mph). Sometimes I wonder what was the reason for these negligible increase and power and torque figures.

Bentley Continental Speed GT Black Edition

Bentley Continental Speed GT Black Edition model has an array of visual enhancements; both interior and exterior. As the name suggests, there is lots of black thrown about everywhere. It mostly consists of black trim. There are some contrasting aero components and leather trim. The exterior gets a pleasing shade of black with a contrasting color running at the base. To add a further unique and striking look to the model, the Black Edition also features contrasting colors on the front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser. Bentley is offering four different paint schemes: Hallmark, Beluga, St James’ Red and a new shade, Cyber Yellow. You can also choose to color-match the door mirrors as well to give that final exterior accent.

It takes 110 hours to hand build each and every Continental GT model, with each model being assembled by 30 dedicated Bentley workers over 12 and a half hours. So you can rest assured that you are getting a unique car with some excellent hand crafted finesse.  The Bentley Continental Speed GT Black Edition is available for ordering now. Deliveries will commence in summer. The base model Speed has a price of $242,125 so one can expect the Bentley Continental Speed GT Black Edition price to be around $300,000 if not higher.

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