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Audi R8 Drifting on a Snow Covered Mountain Pass!

Driving up a mountain pass covered with ice and snow is definitely not for the faint heart. But, this is what you do when you have a supercar and a penchant for going sideways. With grip conditions being low, this driver snakes his way up the alpine pass with aplomb, making perfect use of the Quattro system (4 wheel drive system) on the R8. Audi r8 drifting in snow is ballsy and satisfying, yet scary.

The Audi makes its way up the mountain, as if in response to Beethoven’s symphony. If this were a drift-competition and I was the judge, I would give him full points for the 180 spin before coming to a halt. Audi R8 drifting in snow is one of the coolest things you will see today!

But, please do not try this on a snow covered mountain road near you, unless you have an itch to end up in a ditch.

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