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Aston Martin DB11 Spied in the Flesh!

If you thought 007’s Aston Martin DB10 looked awesome in Spectre, then you don’t need to wait too long. Granted, you may probably find the DB10 if you care enough to search the bottom of the River Tiber in Rome. But it may be better to wait for a replacement. Aston Martin is replacing the DB9 model and it is called the DB11. Since the DB10 was never intended for production, the DB11 is the successor for the car and there have been camouflaged DB11 prototypes being tested by the iconic British car maker. While the manufacturer  planned to originally unveil the car at the Geneva Motor Show in early March, an image of the Aston Martin DB11 spied in the flesh surfaced on Twitter.


Twitter user @Rudybenjamin13 posted this photo earlier in the day. The photo shows the front end of the new Aston Martin. The look is traditional when compared to the DB10. The front looks bold and powerful, and satisfying. The DB11 boasts of a bigger road-legal headlamps and a more traditional Aston Martin grille that makes an eye-pleasing transition into the well sculpted hood. While the DB10 looked sleek and powerful, the DB11 looks muscular, aesthetically pleasing and fits right into the Aston Martin lineup. We cannot wait to see it in the flesh at the Geneva Motor Show!

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