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American Haas F1 Team Reveals its F1 Car

The American Haas F1 Team has revealed its Formula 1 car for the 2016 season. The car is named the “VF-16”. Haas F1 team has paired up with Ferrari for its debut season. Ferrari supplies engines and parts to the American F1 team. The Haas F1 team is the first all-new team to enter F1 in six years and the first team to compete under the American flag since 1986. The car looks good, but team owner Gene Haas expects that the team will be backmarkers for the first few years before eventually making a real challenge for the championship.


The Haas F1 car is called the “VF-16” in honor of the first CNC machine that was manufactured by Haas Automation, the VF-1, which was launched in 1988. The Haas F1 VF-16 is the culmination of more than two years of intense development by the team in preparation for its maiden season. It is referred to as Haas’ “Very First One” The Haas F1 team is the only American team on the grid and is also the first American constructor to submit an entry into F1 since the failed US F1 project in 2010. The previous American F1 effort was in 1985 and 1986 seasons.

According to team principle Gunther Steiner, “… Our methodology behind the VF-16 was to make it the best evolution of a good F1 car. We are a new team, so we looked at what the successful teams were doing to give us a baseline of the direction we needed to go with our design.”


For 2016, the Haas VF-16 will be driven by Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez who was the former test driver for Ferrari. The Haas F1 car was supposed to be unveiled at the pre-season testing in Barcelona, but was unveiled a day earlier.  Most of the team’s work occurs in the United Kingdom rather than the USA.

Team principle Gunther Steiner had this to say “We have very experienced designers who worked hard to develop all the little things from an aerodynamic perspective that, collectively, add up to a lot. And our technical partner, Ferrari, provided our power unit and that really defined the rear end of the car and how big it needed to be.”


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Haas F1 has unveiled the VF-16 by showing a launch video as well as photos of the car itself.

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