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9 New Jaguar XKSS Sports Cars to be made & sold at over $1.41M a piece!

Jaguar XKSS is a famous classic Sports Car produced in 1957.  The original production run was supposed to be around 25 units but a fire at Jaguar’s Browns Lane factory ended the production at only 16 cars. The original 25 units were meant to be exported to the United States. However, enthusiasts and collectors now have a rare opportunity to own a brand new iconic Jaguar XKSS. 59 years later Jaguar will build 9 new XKSS to complete the original production batch.


Jaguar XKSS is a legend and at it’s time considered as the world’s first supercar. It was in all likelihood because it was based on the D-Type race car that won at the Le Mans in 1955, 1956 and 1957. It was basically the road-going version built in limited numbers for the best of Jaguar’s customers. Jaguar co-founder Sir Williams Lyons took at decision to convert 25 remaining units of the race car into road-going version. January 14, 1957 it was decided that 25 units would be built with some modifications to make it road worthy!


The final production version of the Jaguar XKSS received a taller windshield and passenger doors. The fin behind the driver’s seat was removed as well as the divider between the driver and the passenger. Jaguar XKSS was a powerful car for its time and the brand new nine cars that are being build will match the technical specifications of the original 1975 XKSS. These nine new units will be hand-built at Jaguar’s “Experimental Shop” at Warwick, UK and they will be delivered to the their respective (and lucky) owners in 2017.

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