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4 Awesome Supercars at 2016 New York Auto Show

The 2016 New York Auto Show recently concluded with some incredible cars on display. However, the highlight of the show were four engineering marvels from three iconic car marques. The mass-segment cars were great, some of the SUV, Crossovers and Minivans on display were fine too but let’s focus on the fact that the show also had some awesome supercars to feast your eyes on. Supercars are commonplace at the Geneva Motor Show but this is the first time couple of the supercars from our list have made it to American shores.

4 Awesome Supercars from 2016 NYIAS:

The high-end ultra-performance marketplace is beginning to see new arrivals in 2016. The most expensive one so far has been the Bugatti Chiron. Koenigsegg, the Swedish automaker displayed two incredible supercars; Regera and One:1 at the 2016 New York International Auto Show.

Koenigsegg Regera:


Regera is built to outrun the Bugatti Chiron and makes 1,500 horsepower. That’s 22 bhp more than the Chiron’s 1478 hp and is essentially a plug-in hybrid. But the Regera weighs about 1000 lbs lower than the Bugatti and will hit top speed of 248mph in just 20 seconds. The founder Christian von Koenigsegg claims that the power is understated and it could actually be closer to 1800 hp. The specifications are simple enough. It’s got a 5.0 liter twin-turbo V8 that produces 1200 hp and 3 electric motors (1 connected to the engine and 1 each for the rear wheels). Koenigsegg will build 80 units of the Regera, each priced at $2 million each. It has everything in it you’d expect from a supercar but the only thing missing is a cup-holder. I doubt you’ll miss that when you are busy gunning it down the expressway.


Koenigsegg One:1


Sitting pretty next to the maniacal Regera, the gorgeous paint scheme of white-on-carbon, One:1 is catches your attention easily! The beautiful supercar is based on the outgoing Agera and gets it’s name from it’s power-to-weight ratio of 1:1. It produces 1,360 hp from its 5.0 liter V6 engine and weighs-in at just 1,360 kg (2,998 lbs). It has a theoretical top speed of 273 mph and only 6 units were built initially. The final One:1 constructed (pictured below) and displayed at NYIAS is the only One:1 sold in America. It’s that exclusive! If you are planning to get one, forget it, it’s already sold!


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